Ashby St Ledgers Links
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Ashby St Ledgers Church
History and Photographs of Ashby St Ledgers Church.
BBC History Website
Find out more about the Gunpowder Plot and play the Gunpowder Plot game.
Gunpowder Plot Society
The aims of the Gunpowder Plot Society are to promote and encourage research on all aspects of the Gunpowder Plot by providing a central repository for information, source material, and research assistance, as well as to provide an open forum for discussion through our mailing list and newsletters.
Rugby and District Cricket League
Rugby and District Cricket League Website
The United Kingdom Parliament Website
Download a Factsheet about the Gunpowder Plot and learn more about the "Gunpowder Trail" - a series of events at 12 institutions which also mark the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot.

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